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If you sell a fitness or supplement product online….I’ve got a VERY serious question to ask you…..Have you ever called your customers?

My name is Chad Wilbourn from Tribe Builders in Austin, TX. I want you to pay attention to this short video, because over the next few minutes, I am going to show you what I teach my phone sales teams that consistently generates 7 figures a month in fitness and supplement phone sales. A lot of the fitness and supplement marketers that come to me for help, haven’t even tried to call their customers yet. And of the ones that actually have….the closing ratio is just not very good. If you are not calling your customers and offering your additional are leaving MOUNTAINS of money on the table. 

Maybe you have THOUGHT about building your own phone sales team, but you just keep putting it off because you really aren’t sure what the best strategy is for your product. That’s understandable since most of the sales training resources available have nothing to do with online fitness and supplement sales. 

For those of you that want to know the SIMPLEST and FASTEST way to close a phone sale with a fitness or supplement customer, I have decided to share my 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol, where I will teach you what we call the ASSUMPTIVE CLOSE.

As a phone sales script writer and sales trainer, I have developed a phone sales closing protocol that consistently delivers 7 Figures every month in fitness and supplement phone sales. 

I decided to share this training system with you, because no one else really seems to know how to do this. And other training systems have not been designed SPECIFICALLY for the fitness and supplement customer and prospect. Most sales training systems fail when you try to apply them to fitness and supplement customers because the techniques and processes that they teach sound way too ‘salesy’. Here is a PRO tip if you don’t go any further….your fitness or supplement customer does not want to talk to a ‘salesperson’, and the second that they sense you might be a salesperson...the guard will go up….and closing a sale becomes REALLY difficult. I am going to teach you how to be a SALES COACH.

The 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol is based on what I call….THE ASSUMPTIVE CLOSE. It is a style of closing a phone sale that is PERFECTLY suited for the fitness and supplement customer. When it is executed properly, it will help you close MORE THAN HALF of the customers and prospects that you talk to. MORE THAN HALF!! Do the math. What does that number mean for your bank account?

I want you to stop GUESSING at what the best phone closing strategies are for online fitness and supplement buyers. So grab a pen and write these 5 Steps Down right now. I am not going to make you wait...I will give you the secret sauce right now. I condensed 15 years worth of selling, training, leading and managing into 5 VERY easy to follow steps. The 5 Steps that I will teach you in great detail are this:

Product Knowledge
Energy and Tonality
Objections and Rebuttals

Following the protocol that I lay out for you using these 5 Steps will help you activate what we call the ‘Assumptive Close’, and help your customer SOLVE THEIR PROBLEM, by BUYING YOUR PRODUCT. And the SHOCKING thing is….your call with them will be LESS THAN 10 MINUTES LONG!!!

If you really want to cut out the BS and get straight to the most effective phone sales closing system for fitness and supplement customers...a system that I use to consistently generate 7 Figures a month in fitness and supplement phone sales….I want you to click on the blue button and download your copy of the 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol now. I have made the path to 7 Figures a month in phone sales available to you for $1,997.

The competition for online fitness and supplement buyers grows more fierce every day. And you are spending your ad dollars to compete against all these other offers. I don’t have to tell you that ‘Whoever spends the most on advertising wins.’ I want you to imagine for a moment that you are able to close just 25% of your online buyers by calling them and offering your additional products, using something that I developed called the ‘4 Step Supplement Pitch’. How much more could you spend on advertising with that ADDITIONAL revenue? 

Let’s say you are getting 100 customers a day that spend an average of $100 each. 
Picture closing 25 of them over the phone for an additional $100 each.
What could you do with an ADDITIONAL $2,500 in sales EVERY DAY?
Now keep in mind that I am being conservative here. Most of my sales teams hit 10 TIMES that number every day!! All from following what I have laid out for you in the 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol.

Let’s go back to your competition for a moment. Chances are….they will eventually see the video that you are watching. And….chances are….they are looking for their competitive edge on YOU. It will take them NO TIME AT ALL to gain the ability to outspend you in advertising if they begin calling their customers and following this Phone Closing Protocol. If that were to happen it would be VERY difficult for you to catch up once they begin seeing revenue from phone sales. More importantly….they will begin building THEIR Tribe with customers that could have been yours...FOR LIFE

I want you to download this 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol so that you can get started closing sales NOW….So here is what I am going to give you when you download The 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol: As an added bonus I will teach you:


I am going to teach you everything that I do to generate 7 Figures a month in Fitness and Supplement Phone Sales for $1,997.

I have made this affordable because I believe in the transformational power of fitness. And if you have a high quality offer to help your customer with their fitness goals, I want to help YOU. If you believe in your product and you are ready to get on the phone to close sales with your fitness or supplement customers, I want you to download the 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol now...and START CONNECTING with your customers. Build Your Tribe. 

And just in case you were wondering, I will give you a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I will even offer you this…..if you download this protocol and you do not have success with it, I will let you keep it, give you a full refund….and even offer a FREE 1 hour coaching call with me personally. My clients pay me $10,000 A DAY for live in person training with their phone sales teams. 

I don’t want you to wait anymore….new prospects and customers are rolling in through your funnel as we speak, and they are not coming in to get out of the rain….so let’s close some sales. Click the big blue button and download the 5 Step Phone Closing Protocol….and I will see you in the member area…...

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Tribe Builders, Inc. specializes in fitness and supplement phone sales for online offers. We formed this company with one simple goal in mind; Help great fitness and supplement companies build their tribe. How do you build a tribe? Simple. Call your customer and connect with them. Based on our data, 8-10% of your supplement buyers are experiencing BIG PAIN. Moreover, approximately 26-47% are willing to invest more to fix the problem if they understood the root cause and how your additional products help solve their issue. This means that they are looking for ANYTHING that will assist them in fixing their problem. This is why calling your customers is so important. Tribe Builders has proven that your customer LTV can be AT LEAST DOUBLED by simply calling your customer, using a well written script, and offering your other products. Remember: ‘He (or she) who can spend the most to acquire a customer, wins.’ It’s just that simple. Calling your customer will instantly increase LTV, reduce refunds and chargebacks, give you new insight to your next product to support your initial offer, and pretty much guarantee that your new customer or prospect will be with you for a much longer life cycle. All because you are proving that you care enough to pick up the phone and call them.
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